NEW DNC VIDEO: As U.S. Passes 5 Million Cases, Trump Insists COVID-19 Will ‘Go Away’

As the U.S. passes five million confirmed coronavirus cases, the DNC War Room is releasing a new video today blasting Trump for repeatedly claiming the coronavirus will “go away” and “disappear” on its own. Trump refuses to take action to slow the spread of the virus, which continues to kill on average more than a thousand Americans a day and has left millions out of work.

As a result of Trump’s failed coronavirus response, more than 160,000 Americans have lost their lives and 16 million are unemployed, but Trump, as recently as this Friday, is still downplaying the threat of the virus and attempting to mislead the public. The reality is that the coronavirus will not go away on its own, and it won’t go away at all until Trump listens to medical experts and comes up with a comprehensive plan to deal with the virus.