NEW DNC VIDEO: ‘Empty Factories’

The DNC War Room is releasing a new video, “Empty Factories,” which slams Trump for breaking his promise to bring manufacturing jobs to Wisconsin and across America.

Trump promised Foxconn would create 13,000 jobs in Wisconsin through a $10 billion investment, but just like so many of his broken promises, he failed to deliver. Instead, Foxconn automated most manufacturing in the plant, scaled back plans, and only hired 550 workers — approximately 4% of the jobs Trump promised.

This is not the first time Trump failed American workers. Trump said he would “keep our companies from leaving,” but his tax cuts encouraged offshoring. Trump said he would revive American manufacturing, but even his own administration is not buying more American-made products. Trump promised to create 25 million American jobs, but a record 4.7 million jobs — including 237,000 factory jobs — have been lost on his watch.

“Trump lied when he told workers in Wisconsin that thousands of jobs were coming, and now they’re left with empty factories,” said DNC War Room senior spokesperson and advisor Lily Adams. “Manufacturing was in a recession under Trump’s watch even before COVID-19, with Trump’s tax cuts encouraging companies to lay off American workers and offshore their jobs. It’s no wonder Trump is the worst jobs president in American history.”