NEW DNC VIDEO: Republicans Oppose Thousands of Dollars in Relief for You

Tonight, the House will vote on President Biden’s plan to provide relief to the millions of families struggling across the country through no fault of their own. The American people have made it overwhelmingly clear they support Biden’s American Rescue Plan, yet congressional Republicans want to stand in the way.

Ahead of the vote, the DNC War Room is releasing a new video showing just how out-of-touch congressional Republicans are with their own constituents by ignoring their needs and instead playing political games.

“Democrats, Republicans, and independents across the country have made it clear that they support President Biden’s American Rescue Plan,” said DNC War Room spokesperson Daniel Wessel. “Tonight, instead of joining Democrats in passing the much-needed stimulus plan to deliver thousands of dollars of relief to those who need it most, Republicans will vote to leave millions of families high and dry.”