NEW DNC VIDEO: ‘Turned His Back’

The DNC War Room today released a new video, “Turned His Back,” highlighting Trump’s repeated threats to withhold federal aid and deny climate change as wildfires engulf the West Coast.

“The wildfires sweeping through communities in the West are a stark reminder that climate change is not a distant threat, it is exacerbating natural disasters today. But by denying the science and refusing to act, Trump has made these threats even worse,” said DNC War Room senior spokesperson and advisor Lily Adams. “With every environmental regulation he rolls back and every false claim he makes, Trump is threatening Americans’ safety. Americans want a president who not only believes climate change is real and an urgent threat, but who will take decisive action to combat it.”



Trump has a long history of falsely denying the existence of climate change, and now, as the wildfires currently causing massive destruction on the West Coast rage on, Trump has done little to provide support or offer aid. Instead, Trump has continued to lie that poor forest management is the sole cause and has threatened to withhold federal aid to states.

The recent wildfires have killed 35 people with dozens still missing, and more than 4.9 million acres burned. Due to the smoke from the fires, four of the world’s ten most polluted cities are in the West.