New Documents: Kavanaugh Lied Under Oath, Refuses To Say If It’s An Impeachable Offense

Newly released emails, which Republicans tried to keep secret, revealed that Kavanaugh potentially lied under oath. In his written Q&A, he refused to answer whether lying under oath is an impeachable offense for a judge. We now know Kavanaugh has misled the Senate and the American people multiple times. What else are Republicans hiding?


Newly released emails show that Kavanaugh misled the Senate, while under oath, about his involvement in a controversial court nomination.


Politico: “In 2006, Brett Kavanaugh told a Senate committee that he wasn’t ‘primarily’ involved in shepherding the nomination of controversial circuit court nominee Charles Pickering when Kavanaugh worked in the George W. Bush White House. But emails released Wednesday show that Kavanaugh conducted meetings with Republican senators and was closely engaged in Pickering's nomination.”


Kavanaugh refused to answer a written question about whether lying under oath was an impeachable offense for a judge.


USA Today: “His next question was, ‘Is lying under oath an impeachable offense for an Article III judge?’ ‘That would be a question for the House and the Senate in the first instance, and it could potentially be the subject of litigation,’ Kavanaugh responded.”


Kavanaugh has now misled the Senate numerous times. Republicans have tried to keep his record secret because they know it makes him look bad.


The Daily Beast: “On Thursday, with the release of a half dozen emails by Grassley and several more by Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ), the Democrats have been proven right. Brett Kavanaugh has misled the Senate at least four times, and the censored emails have been withheld not because of national security or executive privilege, but, at least in part, because they make Kavanaugh look bad.”