NEW: Donald Trump Rubs Elbows With White Nationalist Laura Loomer

Donald Trump reached another low over the weekend when he once again met up with extremist and self-described white nationalist Laura Loomer — for at least the second time this year. This is the state of the 2024 GOP primary: With Republicans in no rush to condemn him, Donald Trump continues to surround himself with some of the most far-right, extreme members of the party. 

In a new video, Loomer visits Trump at his Bedminster golf course, where he lauds her as “terrific” and “special” — despite previous backlash he’s received for associating with the far-right extremist. 

@NoLieWithBTC: “Trump just filmed a video with Laura Loomer, a white nationalist who pushed false flag conspiracy theories about the Parkland school shooting and celebrated the deaths of migrants, calling for ‘more’ of them to die. He calls her ‘terrific’ and ‘special.’”

Reporting from April revealed that Donald Trump considered hiring her to help run his presidential campaign. 

New York Times: “Former President Donald J. Trump recently told aides to hire Laura Loomer, a far-right and anti-Muslim activist with a history of expressing bigoted views, for a campaign role, according to four people familiar with the plans. Mr. Trump met with Ms. Loomer recently and directed advisers to give her a role in support of his candidacy, two of the people familiar with the move said. On Tuesday, after Mr. Trump’s arraignment in Manhattan, Ms. Loomer attended the former president’s speech at Mar-a-Lago, his resort and residence in Palm Beach, Fla.”

Loomer is a far-right extremist known for her outrageous and bigoted views. 

Loomer: “‘Someone asked me, “Are you pro-white nationalism?” Yes. I’m pro-white nationalism.’”

Daily Beast: “Loomer has been kicked off of Twitter, PayPal, Uber, Lyft, and even food delivery app Uber Eats for her attacks on Muslims, which included calling for a ride-hailing app that wouldn’t employ Muslims.”

New York Times: “She once described Islam as a ‘cancer’ and tweeted under the hashtag ‘#proudislamophobe,’ and she has celebrated the deaths of migrants crossing the Mediterranean.

“In 2018, she was barred from Twitter for violating its hateful conduct policy. To protest the ban, Ms. Loomer, who is Jewish, affixed a yellow Star of David to her clothes — just as ‘Nazis made the Jews wear during the Holocaust,’ she said — and handcuffed herself to the entrance to Twitter’s New York headquarters.”

Salon: “Far-right extremist Laura Loomer refused to concede her Florida Republican primary defeat to Rep. Daniel Webster, R-Fla., on Tuesday after coming surprisingly close to an upset. … Loomer broke down in tears during a speech to supporters Tuesday night and refused to concede after losing by six points.”

“‘I’m not conceding, because I’m a winner!’ Loomer declared, pushing baseless allegations of election fraud.”

Trump’s appearance with Loomer is the latest example of him surrounding himself with far-right extremists and election deniers.

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