NEW: Editorial Boards Across Country Continue to Lay Out How Senate Health Care Bill Will Hurt Ameri

The Senate Republican bill would strip tens of millions of Americans of their health care in order to provide billions of dollars in tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans, so it comes as no surprise that editorial boards across the country are calling the billthings like “draconian,” “a travesty,” and “sick.”

Throughout the weekend, editorial boards continued to make it clear that the Republican bill would be an enormous tax cut for the ultra-wealthy and corporations, at the expense of millions of Americans seeing their deductibles and co-pays go up and their access to essential health benefit services like maternity care, substance abuse treatment, and mental health caredisappear.


See what editorial boards across the country have to say:  


NEW-The Cedar Rapids Gazette: “One-sided health care plans won't benefit Iowans”


NEW-The Star Tribune: “Neighboring senators, Medicaid's fate is on you”


NEW-The Columbian: “In Our View: Sick Approach to Health Bill”


NEW-The Columbus Dispatch: “GOP plan doomed to fail”


NEW-The Buffalo News: “Senate bill ignores the goal of improving health”


NEW-The Daily Herald: “Hatch should lead Senate’s restoration as ‘greatest deliberative body’”


NEW-San Diego Tribune: “Senate health care bill shows GOP has lost its way”


NEW-Waco Tribune-Herald: “Do two wrongs make a right in contentious health-care legislation?”


NEW-The Citizen: “Our view: Republican health care bill demands transparency”


NEW-Billings Gazette: “Senate bill bad for Montana’s health”


NEW-York Dispatch: “Senate health bill is draconian”


NEW-Whidbey News-Times: “Proposed cuts to Medicaid is bad medicine for hospitals”


NEW-St. Louis Post-Dispatch: “An infamous bill that fixes nothing, hurts the many and benefits the few”


NEW-MassLive: “GOP's health-care bill: Legislating in the dark”


NEW-Burlington County Times: “Another view: Senate health bill is a travesty”


NEW-Dallas Morning News: “GOP's secret fast tracking of health care is irresponsible and hypocritical”


NEW-Colorado Springs Gazette: “GOP proposes another stupid health care bill”


NEW-Asbury Park Press: “Fight the ‘mean’ health care bill”


NEW-Tampa Bay Times: “Senate bill sacrifices health care for tax cuts”


NEW-USA Today: “GOP Medicaid cuts would hurt much more than health care”


NEW-Bangor Daily News: “Without changes, Senate health care bill must be rejected”


NEW-New York Times: “If We Lose Our Health Care …”


NEW-Boston Globe: “To no one’s surprise, Senate health care bill only makes matters worse”


NEW-New Haven Register: “Blocking access to community health centers would be devastating blow”


Baltimore Sun: “New GOP health care bill is just as bad as the old one”


Boston Herald: “It’s gotta have ‘heart’”


Charlotte Observer: “Senate health plan is a little Obamacare with a lot of pain”

Chicago Sun Times: “Senate GOP health care bill hammers Illinois, while Rauner is AWOL”


Cleveland Plain Dealer: “Sen. Rob. Portman must vote ‘no’ on deeply flawed Senate health care bill”


Connecticut Post: “Senate health care plan short on care”


Denver Post: “Sen. Cory Gardner should demand more transparency on health care bill”


Las Vegas Review Journal: “Senate Republicans walking fine line with health care proposal”


Mercury News: “Senate Health Care Bill Is Unconscionable”


New York Times: “The Senate’s Unaffordable Care Act”


Newsday: “Senate Bill A Tax Cut For The Rich Dressed Up As Health Reform”


News-Sentinel: “Whatever Happened To Repeal And Replace?”


North Jersey: “Slow down McConnell’s quick fix”


Philadelphia Inquirer: “Senate Republicans' Trumpcare bill just as bad as the House’s”


Portland Press Herald: “Our View: Sen. Collins should fight Senate health care bill”


Raleigh News & Observer: “Senate GOP health care bill fails America”


Sacramento Bee: “And You Thought Republicans’ Health Care Bill Couldn’t Get Worse”


San Francisco Chronicle: “A Republican juggernaut is on track to demolish Obamacare”


South Bend Tribune: “Our Opinion: Will Indiana's senators show courage, leadership in health caredebate?”


The Advocate: “Our Views: Bill Cassidy, John Kennedy shouldn't rush health care bill; it's ‘a life and death issue’”


The Des Moines Register: “On health care, Grassley can be a maverick”


The Herald: “Senate GOP Bill More ‘Bitter Pill’ Than ‘Better Care’”


Virginian-Pilot: “No need to rush to replace Obamacare”


Washington Post: “Senate Republicans’ Obamacare Replacement Is Bad For America’s Health”