New Jobs Report Shows President Biden’s Economic Agenda Is Working

Today’s jobs report is another clear sign of the strength of this historic economic recovery and proves that President Biden’s economic agenda is working. While Republican lawmakers root against our economy and have tried to stand in the way every step of the way, thanks to President Biden’s leadership, Americans are getting back to work.

In May, we saw 390,000 jobs created, which marks over eight million jobs created since President Biden took office. 

CNBC: “Payrolls rose 390,000 in May, better than expected as companies keep hiring”

Washington Post: “The U.S. economy added 390,000 jobs in May, a strong showing after a year of unprecedented growth.” 

President Biden has also put forth a plan to tackle inflation, lower costs for the American people, and continue getting our economy back on track.

Wall Street Journal Opinion: “Joe Biden: My Plan for Fighting Inflation”

ABC11: “President Biden announces plan to ease burden of housing costs”

Associated Press: “Biden announces program offering discounted internet service”

Republicans on the other hand have tried to block nominees who could tackle inflation, voted against lowering costs, and expressed support for a plan that includes raising taxes on the majority of the American people and ending the Medicare and Social Security guarantees. 

New York Times: “Income Taxes for All? Rick Scott Has a Plan, and That’s a Problem.”

NPR: “Sen. Rick Scott wants every American to pay at least some income taxes”

Wall Street Journal: “Senate Republicans Block Vote on Biden’s Fed Nominees”

Newsweek: “Full List of 192 House Republicans Who Voted Against FDA Baby Formula Bill”

The Hill: “The House voted Thursday to pass Democrats’ bill aimed at combating ‘price gouging’ on gasoline. The bill passed 217-207, with no Republicans voting for it.”