NEW NAVIGATOR POLL: Majority of Americans Support President Biden’s Infrastructure Deal and Trust His Leadership on Health Care

President Biden is delivering for hardworking Americans and voters support him. According to a new Navigator Poll, President Biden’s bipartisan infrastructure deal has the support of a majority of the American people and he earns high marks for health care and the child tax cut.

Navigator Poll: Supermajority of Americans Continue to Support The Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework

  • By a 40-point margin, Americans support the Bipartisan Infrastructure FrameworkAs it moves forward from Senate passage to the House, the bipartisan agreement has maintained its popularity, earning support from more than three in five Americans (63 percent). The Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework is supported across the partisan spectrum: more than eight in ten Democrats (82 percent), a majority of Independents (57 percent), and more than two in five Republicans (43 percent) support the legislation.
  • Infrastructure rises to the top of positive things Americans have heard about Biden*In a separate question, 59 percent report hearing at least some positive news about President Biden, including four in five Democrats (83 percent), more than half of Independents (54 percent), and 33 percent of Republicans. Breaking through to the top of those positives is infrastructure. As one respondent shared, “He’s working with both sides to get infrastructure finally done.” Other issues where Americans are hearing positive news about Biden include his handling of the coronavirus and push to get Americans vaccinated and the child tax credit.
  • On the issues of health care, costs for working families, and working across the aisle, Biden and Democrats hold public trust. President Biden and the Democratic Party hold double-digit net positive advantages over Republicans on “improving health care” (+17), “making health care more affordable” (+17), “the cost of living for working families” (+11), and “working across the aisle to accomplish bipartisan priorities” (+11). Among Independents, Biden and Democrats also hold a double digit lead, most notably when it comes to “making health care more affordable” (+22) and working across the aisle to accomplish bipartisan priorities” (+15).