NEW: Nikki Haley’s Cozy Relationship with Lobbyists and Big Business Exposed

Nikki Haley is under fire for her shady yearslong relationship with lobbyists and big business, and as Haley gets ready for the Republican debate on Wednesday, she owes voters a straightforward answer: Is she campaigning to help hardworking families – or special interests and big corporations? (We already know the answer.)

New reporting goes into great detail about just how far Haley’s hypocrisy goes when it comes to cozying up to big business and foreign lobbyists. 

Daily Beast: “Nikki Haley Can’t Shake Her Foreign Lobbyist Problem”

“At the end of May, ABC News pointed out that Nikki Haley was accepting donations from foreign lobbyists while she called for a ban on those very same foreign government advocates. It turns out, there’s a lot more to the story.”

“One of the lobbyists mentioned in the story—Oswaldo “Ozzie” Palomo of Chartwell Strategy Group—has worked on behalf of the Georgian government and the Social Democratic Party of Romania, and he has become one of Haley’s top contributors. In February, Palomo made a $6,600 donation to Haley’s joint fundraising committee, which was properly disclosed in Chartwell’s federal lobbying filing the next month.”

“But notably, even after the ABC report about Haley’s foreign lobbying support, Palomo made another contribution. This one, on June 16, was for $5,000, making Palomo a maximum contributor to both Haley’s campaign and her affiliated Stand for America PAC.”

“What makes the second donation particularly interesting, however, is that the lobbying firm did not disclose it, as the Foreign Agents Registration Act requires those who lobby for a foreign government to do. Neither Haley nor Scott have refunded either contribution, according to FEC records.”

Today’s revelations come after months of Haley refusing to discuss her shady connections to foreign lobbyists and big business while raking in their cash.

ABC News: “Nikki Haley slams foreign lobbyists while accepting funds from them”

“But Haley’s rhetoric hasn’t stopped her from raising funds from supporters that are currently or formerly registered agents working for foreign entities. Under United States FARA laws, as part of the Foreign Agents Registration Act, individuals and entities acting as an agent of a foreign client are required to register with the Department of Justice. One of Haley’s top fundraisers, Oswaldo Palomo, the managing director of D.C.-based consulting firm Chartwell Strategy Group, is himself a registered foreign agent.”

Wall Street Journal: “Nikki Haley’s Corporate-Board Slot Delivers Stock Windfall Amid 2024 GOP Bid”

“Nikki Haley received stock options worth close to $300,000 roughly six weeks after jumping into the 2024 presidential race as part of a real-estate company merger that could deliver even more lucrative payouts in the years ahead, Securities and Exchange Commission filings show.”

Wall Street Journal: “How Nikki Haley Went From Friend to Foe of Government Aid for Boeing”