NEW POLL: Americans Broadly Support the Details of President Biden’s American Jobs Plan

While congressional Republicans bizarrely double down on spending time debating the definition of “infrastructure,” a new Yahoo News/YouGov poll shows that everyday Americans are widely supportive of every aspect of President Biden’s American Jobs Plan.

A new poll shows over half of Americans support going big to invest in the country’s infrastructure, and a majority support every proposal tested.

YouGov: “A Yahoo News/YouGov poll finds that half of Americans support (51%) ‘another big legislative package to invest in America’s infrastructure and combat climate change’, while three in 10 Americans (30%) oppose it.”

Both Republicans and Democrats agree on key components of the American Jobs Plan, including investing in roads, bridges, rail lines, ports, electricity grid improvements, and rural broadband.

YouGov: “A strong majority of Democrats (82%) and Republicans (66%) favor investing in the construction of roads, bridges, rail lines, ports, and electricity grid improvements. Seven in 10 Americans overall support this type of broad investment in America’s transportation and energy infrastructure. Another element that earns bipartisan support is providing advanced training for millions of workers in manufacturing and other industries — half of Republicans (52%) and four in five Democrats (79%) favor this. Three in five Americans overall (63%) also support the initiative. Republicans also tend to support increased funding for broadband internet access in rural communities (46% vs 31%).”