NEW POLL: Americans Really Want to Invest in Infrastructure. Congressional Republicans Don’t.

While congressional Republicans and the Washington press corps grapple with the definition of “infrastructure,” the American people know that it is a lot more than just our roads and bridges, and across the board they overwhelmingly support President Biden’s American Jobs Plan.

There is widespread, bipartisan support for massive investments in our country’s infrastructure–not just roads and bridges. Even Biden’s least popular proposals receive support from a majority of Americans.

Politico’s Sam Stein: “If you look at the specific areas that Biden is plugging away at, roads, bridges, et cetera, 86% Democratic support, 69% independent support, 71% Republican support. You get down to other things like improving schools, 87% Democratic support, 63% independent support, and so on.”

Morning Consult: “The electorate’s apparent inclination to support the infrastructure plan persists when respondents were asked about specific proposals and their corresponding price tags, with even the least-popular proposals receiving support from half of the public or more.”

While Washington Republicans prepare to go to the mat to defend their 2017 corporate tax giveaway, Democrat, Republican, and independent voters all support raising corporate taxes to pay for infrastructure.

Morning Consult: “While the new poll doesn’t mention a specific level of taxation, the concept of raising taxes on corporations to fund Biden’s infrastructure plan is overwhelmingly backed by Democratic voters, with 85 percent support. Just 4 percent of Democrats said they oppose the tax hike. Republican voters were nearly split: 42 percent back the president’s plan to raise corporate taxes, while 47 percent oppose it. Independents were much more likely to support funding the infrastructure plan through corporate tax hikes (60 percent) than not (21 percent).”

Politico’s Sam Stein: “But the public is with you on this. The public does believe that corporations need to pay more in taxes or should pay more in taxes. The public also believes we need to invest in traditional infrastructure. If you put those two components together you have a popular plan yet again.”