NEW POLL: Country Feels Positive Impact From American Rescue Plan That Every Republican Opposed

As millions of Americans are getting vaccinated every day and are using their stimulus checks to boost a rapidly recovering economy, support for the American Rescue Plan that every single congressional Republican opposed is widespread and bipartisan.

A whopping 73% of independent voters support the American Rescue Plan, and over half of Americans believe the plan has a positive impact on them directly.

Navigator Survey: “With a majority hearing about the ‘American Rescue Plan,’ seven in ten continue to support it and a majority believe it has had or will have a ‘positive impact’ on them.”

But you don’t need a poll to tell you what Americans are feeling. Across the country, voters are telling their stories about what the American Rescue Plan has done for them.

Colorado small business owner: “It’s keeping our dream alive.”

Arkansas cancer survivor: “It has kept a roof over my head and kept my lights on.”