NEW POLL: Health Care Top Issue For Voters

Trump and Republicans’ health care sabotage has already led to millions more uninsured Americans, and now their policies are causing premiums to skyrocket in markets across the country. As health care remains the top issue for voters, Republicans can expect to be held accountable this November.


Health care continues to be the top midterm issue for voters.


NBC News: “Asked about their top issues for November, 22 percent of voters said health care was their first choice — followed by the economy and jobs at 19 percent, guns at 13 percent, taxes and spending at 11 percent and immigration at 10 percent.”


Meanwhile, Trump and Republican sabotage has led to health care premium increases across the country.


PENNSYLVANIA: Pennsylvania insurers requested premium increases, which would have been higher if it weren’t for Democratic efforts to keep prices down.


MAINE: Maine insurers requested average premium increases of just over 9 percent.


NEW YORK: New York insurers requested premium increases averaging 24 percent in the individual market.


WASHINGTON: Washington health insurers proposed a 19 percent average individual rate increase.


RHODE ISLAND: Rhode Island insurers requested double-digit premium hikes.


VERMONT: Vermont insurers have requested annual rate increases of up to 10.9 percent.


OREGON: Oregon insurers requested average premium rate hikes of up to 14.3 percent.


VIRGINIA: Virginia insurers are requesting significant premium hikes, by as much as 64 percent.


MARYLAND: Maryland health insurers have requested massive premium increases, by an average rate of 30 percent.