NEW: Polling Shows Americans Think Trump and MAGA House GOP’s Agenda Is Out of Touch and Dangerous 

New polling from Navigator shows that the majority of Americans are taking Donald Trump’s threats for his dangerous second term agenda seriously — and they strongly disapprove of his extremism, from abortion to pushing pardons for insurrectionists. Let’s be clear: Americans overwhelmingly reject the extreme MAGA, anti-worker, anti-middle class policies of Trump and his MAGA minions. From banning abortion to ripping away affordable health care and rigging the economy against the middle class for the ultra-wealthy, MAGA Republicans’ extreme agenda is too dangerous and out of touch with what Americans want — and Republicans will pay for it at the ballot box this November. 

NEW: The vast majority of Americans disapprove of Trump’s MAGA minions in Congress who are too focused on pushing an extreme agenda and getting into drama to actually deliver for their constituents. 

Navigator: “Congressional Republicans remain underwater in their job approval. Only one in three Americans approve of how Republicans in Congress are handling their jobs (33 percent approved – 61 percent disapprove).”

And vast majorities of Americans believe that Trump would follow through on the extreme MAGA policies he laid out in a TIME interview last month, where Trump doubled down on his extreme, dangerous, and deeply unpopular plans for a second term — from anti-abortion extremism to pardoning insurrectionists who stormed the Capitol on January 6.

Navigator: “At least three in five expect Trump to follow through on the things he said he would do in the TIME Magazine interview. 

“More than three in five Americans find a number of former President Trump’s statements in his recent TIME Magazine article concerning, and similar or greater shares expect Trump to follow through on his comments in a second term.”

Interviewer: “So just to be clear, then: You won’t commit to vetoing the bill if there’s federal restrictions—federal abortion restrictions?”

Trump: “I won’t have to commit to it.”


Interviewer: “Would you veto [the Life at Conception Act]?” 

Trump: “I don’t have to do anything about vetoes, because we now have it back in the states.” 

TIME: “Trump also tells TIME he might pardon the more than 800 men and women charged in connection with the Jan. 6 attack, most of whom have pleaded guilty. The assault left more than 140 law enforcement officers injured and sent lawmakers into hiding. More than 120 people have been accused of using a deadly or dangerous weapon or causing serious bodily injury to an officer, and members of extremist groups were found guilty of seditious conspiracy.

“Trump has sought to recast the insurrectionist riot as an act of patriotism. ‘I call them the J-6 patriots,’ Trump tells TIME. When asked whether he would consider pardoning every one of them, he says: ‘Yes, absolutely.’”

MAGA Congressional Republicans’ policy proposals are deeply unpopular with most Americans, but that hasn’t stopped them from trying to push their plans through. 

Bloomberg: “Republicans Call for Retirement Age Hike in Clash With Biden”

Bloomberg: “The conservative Republican Study Committee is out with a 2025 budget proposal to extend individual and corporate breaks from the 2017 Trump’ tax law.”

Rolling Stone: “House Republicans Endorse National Abortion Ban”

Joseph Zeballos-Roig, Semafor: “The House GOP Study Committee (largest House GOP bloc) released a budget endorsing the Life at Conception Act, which would provide 14th amendment legal protections at every stage of life. Amounts to near-total ban on abortions with no IVF exceptions”

Matthew Yglesias, Bloomberg: “They’re also backing a bill to ban mifepristone (again, something you could achieve through judicial or executive branch action as well)”

Axios: “RSC budget revives conservative health priorities”

“The health care section … calls for killing the Inflation Reduction Act and its drug price provisions. … It would remove many of the Affordable Care Act’s protections for pre-existing conditions.”

Daily Caller: “The RSC supports defunding the ‘red flag’ provisions from the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, according to the budget proposal.”

Thanks to the MAGA House GOP, the 118th Congress is on track to be one of the most unproductive in American history. 

NBC News: “When Congress began the new year, Rep. Andy Biggs gave a television interview and made a startling confession: House Republicans have done nothing they can run on.

“‘We have nothing. In my opinion, we have nothing to go out there and campaign on,’ the Arizona Republican said on the conservative network Newsmax. ‘It’s embarrassing.’

“Anchor Chris Salcedo responded with a bemused chuckle. ‘I know,’ he said. ‘The Republican Party in the Congress majority has zero accomplishments.’

“The exchange captured a dynamic that looms over Republican lawmakers heading into the 2024 election: They’ve passed little substantive legislation since winning the majority in 2022 and struggled to do the basics of governing with a Democratic-led Senate. Their first year was instead marked by fractiousness and chaos, complicating the party’s pitch to voters this fall. The challenge is accentuated by likely GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump making ‘retribution’ against his enemies, rather than shared policy goals, the centerpiece of his comeback bid as he continues to spread fabricated claims that the 2020 election was stolen from him.”

ABC News: “The 118th Congress is on track to being one of the least functional sessions ever, with only 34 bills passed since January of last year, the lowest number of bills passed in the first year of a congressional session since the Great Depression, according to congressional records.”