New Polls: Americans Support Stricter Gun Laws, Oppose The NRA

As thousands of students, activists and supporters gather across the country for the March for Our Lives today, two new polls show a significant growing trend across the country – an increasing number of Americans want common-sense gun reforms, while more and more view the NRA unfavorably.


Support for stricter gun laws is at the highest level in more than five years:


  • Nearly 7 in 10 Americans now favor stricter gun laws, including 54 percent of gun owners and half of Republicans.


  • 60 percent believe making it harder to legally obtain a gun would result in fewer mass shootings.


  • Nearly 6 in 10 Americans favor a nationwide ban on AR-15-style rifles.


Support for the NRA is at the lowest level in over 18 years:


  • The NRA’s favorability is now three points underwater, a noticeable shift from a year ago when it had a 12-point positive favorability rating.


  • The NRA’s favorability among moderate Republicans dropped 12 percent since April of last year.