NEW POLLS: Majority Of Americans Don’t Trust Trump And Disapprove Of His Coronavirus Response

New polls, same story. Americans disapprove of Trump’s coronavirus response. They know the truth: Trump ignored warnings, downplayed the threat, and failed to take decisive action early on, making the crisis worse than it needed to be.

A majority of Americans disapprove of Trump’s coronavirus response and say he didn’t take the crisis seriously enough early on.

  • More than half of Americans disapprove of Trump’s handling of the coronavirus crisis, in a Washington Post-University of Maryland poll.

  • 65% of Americans say Trump did not take the coronavirus “seriously enough at the beginning,” according to a NBC News-Wall Street Journal poll.

Nearly two-thirds of Americans say the Trump administration has failed to ensure enough testing and medical supplies to combat coronavirus. 

  • 64% of Americans say they’re not satisfied with what the federal government has done to ensure enough testing, according to a NBC News-WSJ poll.

  • 64% of Americans say the federal government hasn’t done enough to ensure there’s sufficient medical equipment and supplies for doctors and nurses.

A majority of Americans don’t trust what Trump says about coronavirus. .

  • More than half of Americans say they don’t trust what Trump has said about the coronavirus crisis.