NEW POLLS, SAME STORY: President Biden’s Agenda Is Popular

Three new polls from Monmouth, Morning Consult, and Data For Progress all tell the same story we’ve been seeing for months: people really like President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda that will lower costs, drive down prescription drug prices, and take on the climate crisis – and still like them even after they hear Republicanas’ chief arguments against them.

The American people support the Build Back Better agenda and President Biden’s efforts to lower health care costs and deliver for hardworking families.

Monmouth Poll: “Support for the Build Back Better (BBB) plan to expand access to health care, college, paid leave and other services remains fairly steady at 61%.” 

Monmouth Poll: “Furthermore, 56% of Americans support the climate change funding part of the BBB bill.” 

Morning Consult: “Of the 16 provisions listed in the survey, five of the top six priorities for voters were health measures, with funding for home health care for seniors and people with disabilities topping the list at 45 percent, followed by 41 percent who prioritized allowing Medicare to negotiate some prescription drug prices. Similar shares of Democrats and Republicans prioritized each measure.”

Data For Progress: “Voters Want Legislation That Creates Jobs and Addresses High Costs”

Data For Progress: “Voters’ Concerns Will be Addressed With Passage of Build Back Better”