NEW POLLS: Vast Majority Of Americans Approve Of Biden’s COVID Response

A majority of Americans continue to approve of the job president President Biden is doing in office, and the vast majority approve of his handling of the coronavirus, including a significant number of Republicans.

An overwhelming majority of Americans approve of President Biden’s coronavirus response, including one-third of Republicans.

Gallup: “Several weeks into his first term in office, 67% of Americans approve of President Joe Biden’s handling of the coronavirus.”

Gallup: “Biden’s current approval rating for his handling of the coronavirus includes 95% of Democrats, 66% of independents and 34% of Republicans… This level of approval from the opposition party is remarkable in today’s politically polarized climate.”

A majority of Americans are confident that President Biden will get Americans vaccinated and safely reopen schools.

Axios: “One month into his administration, President Biden has won the confidence of a majority of Americans in his ability to get Americans vaccinated and reopen the schools, according to the latest installment of the Axios/Ipsos Coronavirus Index.”

A vast majority of Americans, including more than half of Republicans, are satisfied with President Biden’s vaccine rollout in their area.

The Hill: “Roughly 6 in 10 voters say they are satisfied with the coronavirus vaccine rollout in their area, a new Hill-HarrisX poll finds…. Fifty percent of independents and 51 percent of Republicans agree.”

A majority of Americans approve of the overall job President Biden is doing and his net approval has held steadier  and higher  than Trump’s.

Gallup: “Biden’s overall job approval rating is 56%; 40% disapprove”

CNN: “Nothing ever seemed to shake Donald Trump’s job approval rating. It moved less than any other president in the polling era. So far, Biden’s proven to be even steadier than Trump. And very much unlike Trump, people seem to actually like what Biden is doing. Biden’s net approval rating a month ago stood at +18 points in an average of polls. That means his net approval has shifted by only 2 points in his first month in office. In Trump’s first month in office, his net approval rating fell considerably more.”