NEW POLLS: Voters Don’t Trust Trump To Keep Them Safe

Who do voters trust to keep them safe? Based on new polls, it’s not Donald Trump. In fact, Americans say Trump is the source of the chaos in our country and think that his second term would actually lead to more violence.

Voters don’t trust Trump to handle public safety, preferring Biden by a wide margin.

Politico/Morning Consult poll: “More voters trust former Vice President Joe Biden over Trump to handle public safety, 47 percent to 39 percent.”

Half of voters say having Trump as president makes them feel less safe.

Quinnipiac poll: “Fifty percent of likely voters say having Donald Trump as president of the United States makes them feel less safe, while 35 percent say it makes them feel more safe, and 14 percent say it doesn’t have any impact on how they feel.”

A majority of Americans think a second Trump term would lead to more violence, and a plurality says he is the source of chaos.

Yahoo News-YouGov poll: “In fact, a majority of Americans (52 percent) think a second Trump term will lead to more violence of the sort seen in Kenosha…A plurality (46 percent) say ‘Trump is the source of the chaos.’ Those numbers have not changed over the last month.”