NEW: Tim Scott Runs Ad Calling A National Abortion Ban His “Immediate Priority” 

After promising to sign the “most conservative” anti-abortion legislation that comes across his desk, Tim Scott is tripling down on his extreme agenda in a new ad letting voters know that signing a national abortion ban would be  his “immediate priority” as president. 

Scott’s new ad is only his latest MAGA salvo as he races to prove he’s the most anti-choice Republican in the 2024 field.

Scott: “As President, I will sign the most pro-life legislation that reaches my desk. Our immediate priority should be passing a national 15 week limit on abortion while we support Republican-led states that do even more to protect life.” 

Tim Scott has made it crystal clear he would sign the most restrictive ban he could if he were in the White House. 

MSNBC: “Is six weeks the right mile marker?”

Tim Scott: “The people have decided that their elected leaders have the opportunity to do so, so I say absolutely… If I were president of the United States, I would literally sign the most conservative pro-life legislation that they can get through Congress.”

Newsmax: “Your colleague in the Senate – also your colleague from South Carolina – Lindsey Graham is pushing for a 15-week federal abortion ban, something that’s going to be an issue come the next election. Would a President Scott sign that bill into law?”

Scott: “Every day, I would sign that bill into law. I would sign the most conservative pro-life legislation you can bring to my desk.”

This comes after Scott called the South Carolina law that bans abortion before many women know they’re pregnant and threatens doctors and nurses with jail time, “good news.” 

Scott: “The state is trying to protect the culture of life and that’s good news. I mean, the heartbeat bill is a step in the direction of that.” 

But none of this comes as a surprise. In the Senate, Tim Scott co-sponsored and supported the Life at Conception Act, which could ban abortion nationwide, and co-sponsored a national abortion ban that could threaten doctors with jail time. S.159 – Life At Conception Act Of 2019, 116th Congress, 1/16/19 [Tim Scott, co-sponsor] S.99 – Life At Conception Act Of 2021, 117th Congress, 1/28/21 [Tim Scott, co-sponsor] S.3275 – Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act Of 2020, 116th Congress, 2/11/20 [Tim Scott, co-sponsor]

PolitiFact: “45 Republicans in the U.S. Senate sponsored or co-sponsored the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, that would impose a prison sentence of up to five years [on doctors who violate the act].”