New TV Ad, “Show Up” Highlights Importance of Voting to Protect Progress

WASHINGTON – Hillary For America released a new television ad today paid for by the Democratic National Committee called “Show Up,” which showcases the power voters have this November to build on the progress we have made under President Obama. The ad features Academy Award winning actor, Morgan Freeman who encourages voters to show up, elect Hillary Clinton and continue moving our country forward. As Donald Trump continues to run a hateful divisive campaign, Hillary Clinton will remain focused on finding solutions to help the American people get ahead and stay ahead. The ad will air on television and online on BET, TV One, Centric, OWN and Vh1 in battleground states, with localized versions that contain early voting call to actions for Florida, North Carolina, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

“For eight years, President Obama has fought for the American people in the Oval Office. Now it’s time to protect our progress, defend his legacy, and keep moving America forward together. It’s time to get out the vote and elect Hillary Clinton, Tim Kaine and Democrats up and down the ballot across the county. Thousands of Americans have already voted early in this election, and millions will join them before the polls close on November 8th. We are stronger together, and this new ad will remind voters that when we show up in full force on Election Day, we can tackle our nation’s greatest challenges.” – DNC Interim Chair Donna Brazile

WATCH: Show Up