NEW VIDEO: DNC War Room Highlights Mitch McConnell Gaslighting The American People

Yesterday, President Biden and Vice President Harris visited Atlanta, Georgia where they delivered forceful remarks reaffirming the importance of protecting the right to vote and strengthening our democracy. Today, the DNC War Room released a new video highlighting Senator Mitch McConnell’s repeated gaslighting of the American people as Republican lawmakers across the country continue to attack the right to vote.

“Mitch McConnell is nothing more than a hypocritical liar who has spent the last year blatantly gaslighting the American people,” said DNC spokesperson Ammar Moussa. “It’s incumbent upon Democrats to not only hold Republicans accountable for their lies, but fight back against their relentless attacks against the right to vote. The DNC remains on the front lines of that fight and will do everything in our power to ensure voting rights are protected in 2022, and beyond.”