NEW VIDEO: President Biden and Democrats Deliver Child Tax Credit Boost to to American Families

Today, families across the country will start receiving monthly payments of up to $300 per child through the American Rescue Plan’s expanded Child Tax Credit. For families, these payments mean paid rent and utility bills, food on their table and schoolbooks for their children. This tax credit will lift millions of kids out of poverty and is projected to help cut the child poverty rate in half. Thanks to President Biden and the Democrats delivering the American Rescue Plan, American working and middle-class families are getting the help and support they need. 



Hi folks, it’s Jaime Harrison, chair of the DNC. 

Growing up, I would help my grandparents read their bills. 

I didn’t always understand the words, but I understood the looks on their faces: They couldn’t pay. 

Getting by was the best we could hope for. 

This week, because Democrats delivered the American Rescue Plan, families will start getting monthly payments as a part of the expanded Child Tax Credit. 

Folks, this will help lift millions of Americans’ kids out of poverty — cutting the child poverty rate in half. 

I know firsthand what that means.

It means pouring milk instead of water in your cereal. 

It means not having to do your homework in the dark. 

It means having a safe place to call home. 

In short, for many, it means the world.