NEWSFLASH: Biden’s Holiday Season A Significant Improvement Over Trump’s

There’s a crispness in the air, the leaves are changing, and the holiday season is right around the corner. Thanks to President Biden and Democrats, this holiday season is primed to be much better than last year’s under Trump, with millions more Americans employed, nearly 200 million fully vaccinated, and COVID cases and deaths dropping.

It would do Kevin McCarthy well as he writes his letters to remember what the holiday season looked like in the final weeks of the Trump-McCarthy economy, with millions more people out of work, unemployment drastically high, businesses shut down, and families gathering over video conference because of a disastrously mismanaged pandemic. 

Last year, millions of families struggled through the holidays, thanks to Donald Trump and Republicans’ total mismanagement of the pandemic. 

New York Times: “Unemployment Claims Remain High as Millions Still Struggle to Find Work”

New York Times: “For Ms. Craig, and millions of other Americans who lost their jobs because of the coronavirus pandemic, this is a holiday season more to weather than to relish. With unemployment benefits running out and an unforgiving job market offering few berths, this Christmas will be remembered by many for painful sacrifices, not the joy of exchanging gifts and partaking of festive meals with family.”

Reuters: “Americans celebrate Christmas Eve under spiraling COVID pandemic”

Washington Post: “After weeks of surging infections and rising levels of virus hospitalizations, the United States recorded more than 3,000 covid-19 deaths in a single day, a pandemic record, according to a Washington Post analysis.”

Associated Press: “Now, in the pandemic of 2020, with illness, job loss and business closures, millions more Americans are worried about empty refrigerators and barren cupboards. Food banks are doling out meals at a rapid pace and an Associated Press data analysis found a sharp rise in the amount of food distributed compared with last year. Meanwhile, some folks are skipping meals so their children can eat and others are depending on cheap food that lacks nutrition.”

WBUR: “A Holiday Season Gutted By The Pandemic: We’re Trying To ‘Celebrate And Grieve At The Same Time’”

This holiday season, COVID is on the decline as more Americans get vaccinated and 5 million more Americans are employed than there were a year ago, thanks to the leadership of President Biden and Democrats.

Reuters: “U.S. weekly jobless claims hit 19-month low; labor market recovery gains traction”

Wall Street Journal: “Last week’s decline brings claims to the lowest level since the pandemic struck in March 2020. Claims, a proxy for layoffs, are holding well below a recent peak of 424,000 in mid-July but remain above 2019’s weekly average of 218,000. Claims could return to their pre-pandemic levels by the end of the year, said Robert Frick, corporate economist at Navy Federal Credit Union.”

And don’t forget, Kevin McCarthy is actively whipping AGAINST the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal, even though it will help rebuild and shore up critical supply chains and invest in our nation’s freight network. 

CNN: “How Biden’s infrastructure bill could help prevent the next supply chain crisis”

CNN: “The legislation calls for major federal investments in each step of the US freight network: Inland waterways and rail used for transporting goods and produce, highways and bridges traveled heavily by truck drivers as well as the nation’s seaside ports, the biggest of which is currently facing a record backlog of shipping containers sitting on scores of ships waiting off the coast.”

The Hill: “House Republican leaders said Wednesday that they are formally urging their rank-and-file to oppose the Senate-passed bipartisan infrastructure bill ahead of a scheduled vote early next week.”