Newsflash: Voters Oppose Trump’s Attacks On Their Health Care

Trump said today that health care will be a “great campaign issue.” That’s not good for him. New polls released this week show voters don’t trust him on health care and oppose his efforts to take health care away from millions of Americans (shocker).


Health care continues to be the top issue for Americans.


Gallup: “Fifty-five percent of Americans worry ‘a great deal’ about the availability and affordability of healthcare, topping Gallup’s list of potentially worrisome issues for the fifth straight year.”


Voters support the ACA and oppose Trump’s efforts to overturn the law.


Public Policy Polling: “The Affordable Care Act continues to enjoy the new found popularity it’s had since Trump took office. 49% of voters support it to just 30% now who are opposed. There’s strong opposition to the Justice Department’s recently expressed support for striking down the Affordable Care Act- just 34% of voters agree with them on that to 53% who disagree.”


Voters trust Democrats over Trump and Republicans on health care.


Politico: “The poll shows that any health care battle will be fought on Democrats’ turf. Asked whom they trust when it comes to health care, 45 percent of voters pick Democrats in Congress, while 35 percent choose Republicans in Congress. A majority of voters, 54 percent, have ‘a lot’ or ‘some’ trust in congressional Democrats to protect the health care system or make improvements to it — significantly more than have those levels of trust in congressional Republicans (41 percent) or Trump (41 percent) on the issue. A 59 percent majority of voters say they don’t have much trust or any trust at all in Trump on health care.”