Nikki Haley Brings Her MAGA Extremism Back to Iowa

In response to Nikki Haley’s visit to Iowa this week, DNC National Press Secretary Sarafina Chitika released the following statement: 

“Nikki Haley is returning to Iowa after she promised on the debate stage to sign any national abortion ban Congress passes. As Republican candidates trip over themselves in a MAGA race to the bottom, Haley must answer for her extreme anti-abortion record, her ties to notorious election deniers, and her cozy relationships with foreign lobbyists and giant corporations. No matter how hard she tries to backtrack on her own words, voters know that Haley is just another MAGA extremist and will continue to reject her unpopular, far-right agenda.”

Haley continues to make clear she would sign a nationwide abortion ban – even saying on the debate stage last week that she would sign “anything that would pass” federally. 

Kirsten Welker: “Would you support a 15-week federal limit?”

Haley: “I would support anything that would pass.”

Haley: “Whatever we can get 60 Senate votes on, isn’t that better than what we have now? And if it’s – if it’s six weeks, that’s great. If it’s 15 weeks, that’s great.” 

Haley: “So what can we do? Is there room for a federal law? I think there is room for a federal law.”

Haley: “Yes of course I would sign [a federal ban].”

Fox News: “Nikki Haley, 2024 Republican candidate, vows to sign federal abortion ban if elected president”

HuffPost: “Nikki Haley Says She ‘Absolutely’ Would Sign 15-Week Abortion Ban If GOP Had The Votes”

Haley: “When it comes to a federal bill, I think there is a place for that.” 

Haley has a yearslong, extreme anti-abortion record that includes signing an abortion ban as governor that had no exceptions for rape or incest and threatened doctors with jail time. 

Newsweek: “Haley described herself as ‘very pro-life’ and has spent most of her political career fighting for anti-abortion legislation, including signing a law as South Carolina governor in 2016 banning the procedure in most circumstances after 19 weeks of pregnancy unless the mother’s life is at risk.”

TIME: “The law passed the General Assembly last week and blocks women from having abortions after 19 weeks of pregnancy, with no exceptions for rape or incest. … Doctors who violate the law could face a fine or jail time.” 

Haley yesterday doubled down on her MAGAnomics plan to end Social Security and Medicare as we know them.

Andrew Ross Sorkin: “Are you on board with cutting entitlements in a big and meaningful way?”

Haley: “Social security goes bankrupt in 10 years, Medicare goes bankrupt in eight. Anyone that says they’re not going to take on entitlement reform means they’re going to go in and be president and leave the country bankrupt. You can’t do that.” 

Haley has long been a proponent of making devastating cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

Associated Press: “Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley is proposing changes to entitlement programs for younger generations, opening the door to potential cuts to Social Security and Medicare if elected.”

Washington Post: “Nikki Haley, the former South Carolina governor and U. N. ambassador who is planning to announce her own presidential bid this month, also praised Ryan’s Medicare proposal at the time and said lawmakers should examine Medicare and Social Security spending to address federal debt.

“‘What they need to be doing is looking at entitlements,’ Haley said in a 2010 interview on Fox News. ‘Look at Social Security. Look at Medicaid. Look at Medicare. Look at these things, and let’s actually go to the heart of what is causing government to grow, and tackle that.’”

Haley: “Any candidate that says they’re not going to touch entitlements means that they’re basically going to go into office and leave America bankrupt. … We change retirement age to reflect life expectancy.”

Semafor: “As governor of South Carolina at the time, Nikki Haley praised the [Paul Ryan] fiscal blueprint for ‘trying to bring common sense to this world of insanity.’”

Haley is a fervent supporter of a disastrous MAGAnomics agenda – she put the rich and powerful over working families as governor of South Carolina and now wants to make permanent Donald Trump’s tax giveaways for the ultra-wealthy. 

Haley: “Well I think what I’d like to see is us go back to what Trump had under the tax cuts under him … I was there.”

Aiken Standard: “Gov.-elect Nikki Haley, who takes office next week, campaigned on eliminating the state’s corporate income tax.”

Augusta Chronicle: “State budget advisers predict eliminating South Carolina’s corporate income tax over four years, as both Haley and House Republicans propose, would reduce state revenues by $61.6 million in the first year and $218.3 million annually when the phase-out is complete.”

Haley’s first congressional endorser and New Hampshire campaign chair both have worked to undermine our democracy, and she spent last year campaigning with notorious election deniers.

Haley just weeks after January 6: “I’m really proud of the successes of the Trump administration. Whether it was foreign policy or domestic policy, we should embrace those. Those were the right policies.”

Haley in October 2021: “[Trump] has a strong legacy from his administration. … He has the ability to get strong people elected, and he has the ability to move the ball, and I hope that he continues to do that. We need him in the Republican Party. I don’t want us to go back to the days before Trump.”

Washington Post: “[Haley] has endorsed and campaigned with a slate of Senate candidates who reject or question the 2020 election results as she positions herself as a potential 2024 presidential candidate. Haley appeared at a rally Tuesday with Don Bolduc of New Hampshire, who insisted Trump won the election and that President Biden was illegitimate … She also campaigned with Adam Laxalt of Nevada, who led the Trump campaign’s efforts to overturn the results in that state. And she endorsed Ted Budd of North Carolina, who as a congressman voted against certifying the electoral college results on Jan. 6, 2021.”

Fox News: “Former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley has secured the endorsement of a top Trump ally, House Freedom Caucus member Rep. Ralph Norman … Ralph Norman is the first South Carolina lawmaker to publicly back Haley’s bid for presidency. His support comes despite former President Donald Trump’s endorsement of his re-election the 2022 midterm elections and also after Norman did not vote to certify the 2020 election, in a nod to his loyalty to Trump.”

Deseret News: “Nikki Haley adds controversial former U.S. Senate candidate to campaign team”

“Don Bolduc, a retired Army general and former U.S. Senate candidate, is the new chair for Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley’s New Hampshire campaign, the Haley campaign announced Tuesday morning. Bolduc made national headlines during his 2022 Senate campaign for his surprise primary victory over veteran New Hampshire politician Chuck Morse and for his controversial views on COVID-19 and the 2020 election.”

Haley continues to be under fire for her cozy, yearslong relationship with foreign lobbyists and big business, which she has prioritized over helping hardworking families.

ABC News: “Nikki Haley slams foreign lobbyists while accepting funds from them”

“But Haley’s rhetoric hasn’t stopped her from raising funds from supporters that are currently or formerly registered agents working for foreign entities. Under United States FARA laws, as part of the Foreign Agents Registration Act, individuals and entities acting as an agent of a foreign client are required to register with the Department of Justice. One of Haley’s top fundraisers, Oswaldo Palomo, the managing director of D.C.-based consulting firm Chartwell Strategy Group, is himself a registered foreign agent.”

Daily Beast: “Nikki Haley Can’t Shake Her Foreign Lobbyist Problem”

“But notably, even after the ABC report about Haley’s foreign lobbying support, Palomo made another contribution. This one, on June 16, was for $5,000, making Palomo a maximum contributor to both Haley’s campaign and her affiliated Stand for America PAC. What makes the second donation particularly interesting, however, is that the lobbying firm did not disclose it, as the Foreign Agents Registration Act requires those who lobby for a foreign government to do. Neither Haley nor Scott have refunded either contribution, according to FEC records.”

Wall Street Journal: “Nikki Haley received stock options worth close to $300,000 roughly six weeks after jumping into the 2024 presidential race as part of a real-estate company merger that could deliver even more lucrative payouts in the years ahead, Securities and Exchange Commission filings show.”

Wall Street Journal: “How Nikki Haley Went From Friend to Foe of Government Aid for Boeing”