Nikki Haley’s Real Record on China

Nikki Haley’s tough talk on China on the campaign trail doesn’t match up with her actual record. She spent years praising Communist China as ambassador to the United Nations and welcomed hundreds of millions of dollars of investments from Chinese businesses as governor of South Carolina. 

As the United Nations ambassador, Haley described Communist China as a “great friend” to America and said it was “fine” for them to be “everywhere in the world.”

Haley on the Trump administration’s handling of China in 2017: “And so I think China has been a really great friend of ours, and the way they came together with us to do the statement last week showed that we are united against wanting North Korea to stay away from doing any sort of nuclear threats.”

Haley on her view of China: “I think what you have to look at is, you know, China and Russia play very different roles. They both are getting involved across the world in all different pockets. Their tentacles are everywhere. Russia is doing it through elections and through military actions and through trying to get involved in conversations. China is doing it economically. If you look at their infrastructure, they are everywhere in the world now and they want to continue to do that so that they have a stronghold. And what we need to do is say that’s fine, if they’re going to continue to do that, they’re also going to have to be accountable for the things that they are responsible for. And we do think North Korea is one of those that they need to be held accountable for.” 

While Haley calls Communist China a threat to American businesses on the campaign trail, the reality is she gladly welcomed and incentivized Chinese businesses in South Carolina as governor.

CNBC: “‘Companies and people have said for too long, “We’ll deal with China tomorrow.” But China is dealing with us today. We’ve got to address this,’ she added. Haley said ‘every company needs to have a Plan B’ in the event that China decides to ‘pull the rug out from under us.’ She called Beijing ‘the biggest threat we’ve had since Pearl Harbor.’”

Fox News: “During her time as governor of the Palmetto State from 2011 to 2017, Haley was welcoming of several investments made by Chinese companies in South Carolina to either expand operations or create new ones. In 2016, Haley praised a $300 million investment in Richland County, South Carolina, by the Chinese fiberglass manufacturer China Jushi Co. Ltd., which cited ‘great support’ from the state government for doing so. … Earlier, in 2015, Haley welcomed a $72 million investment in an existing facility by Haier, a Chinese appliance manufacturer.” 

New Hampshire Union Leader: “Haley courted China business, praised it as ‘great friend’ dealing with North Korea”