Nurses, Health Experts, And A Majority Of Americans Contradict Trump on Coronavirus

Trump wants to move on from the coronavirus, but a majority of Americans are still concerned and blame him for school and businesses closures, and for the U.S. having the highest number of cases in the world. Trump keeps trying to claim successes over the virus, but nurses and experts keep refuting his false claims.

AMERICANS CONTRADICT TRUMP: Despite Trump moving on from coronavirus, a majority of Americans are still concerned and blame him for closures and the high number of cases.

Reuters: “But the poll showed the majority — 78% — remain ‘very’ or ‘somewhat’ concerned about the coronavirus. Nearly 60% said Trump is at least partly responsible for the protracted school and business closures due to the virus, as well as for the high number of coronavirus cases in the United States. More than 6 million Americans have been infected with the virus, more people than in any other country.”

NURSES CONTRADICT TRUMP: Nurses say they continue to suffer from supply shortages despite Trump praising his administration’s ability to provide PPE to health care workers.

Bloomberg: “Just days after President Donald Trump praised his administration’s ability to provide personal protective equipment for health-care workers, a national nurses group says their members continue to suffer from shortages. In a survey of more than 21,000 nurses conducted by the American Nurses Association, a third reported that they were out of or short of N95 masks designed to offer maximum protection in a hospital setting. Almost 60% said they’re re-using single-use protective equipment for five or more days, and 68% said their facilities mandate re-using the supplies.”

HEALTH EXPERTS CONTRADICT TRUMP: An NIH panel of experts refuted Trump’s claim that convalescent plasma works against coronavirus, and Dr. Fauci debunked his conspiracy theory that the death toll is lower than it actually is.

CNBC: “A panel of experts convened by the National Institutes of Health said Tuesday there is ‘insufficient data’ to show convalescent plasma works against the coronavirus, refuting claims made by President Donald Trump and the head of the Food and Drug Administration.”

New York Daily News: “Dr. Fauci has a message for America: a lot of people have died from coronavirus and you don’t have to be a deep state bureaucrat to believe it. The world-famous pandemic effort backed the official pandemic death toll of nearly 200,000 after President Trump retweeted a bizarro conspiracy theory that fewer than 10,000 Americans have perished.