Ohio Republicans Won’t Stand Up Against Trump’s Health Care Assault

The Trump administration escalated its attack on the Affordable Care Act this week, putting into question the health care of millions of Ohioans, including as many as 5 million citizens with pre-existing conditions who could have been denied coverage before the ACA. While health care continues to be the top issue for Ohio voters, Republicans in the Buckeye State refuse to stand up for their constituents against Trump’s relentless assault on their access to affordable, quality health care.


Ohioans continue to cite health care as their number one issue.


Cleveland.com: “Health care is a big deal.”


WKYC: “…A plurality of Ohio Democrats believe health care is the top issue”


Governor DeWine strongly opposes the ACA and said Ohioans “don’t need to worry” about the Trump administration’s effort to invalidate the law.


Politifact: “DeWine was a strong opponent of the Affordable Care Act, joining a lawsuit to fight against it in 2011. DeWine argues his opposition was over the individual mandate, but if the lawsuit had prevailed, it would have struck down a law that guaranteed coverage for people with pre-existing conditions.”


Statehouse News Bureau: “President Trump’s administration wants the federal courts to do what Congress didn’t – overturn all parts of the Affordable Care Act. But Gov. Mike DeWine says Ohioans with pre-existing conditions don’t need to worry.”


As for other Ohio Republicans, they have remained silent and refuse to stand up for their constituents against Trump’s health care assault.


Congressman Joyce: “Asked a number of questions Tuesday about the lawsuit, Joyce deflected.”


Attorney General Yost: “Dave O’Neil, a spokesman for Yost, declined to comment on any aspect of the Trump administration’s decision.”


Congressman Turner: “Turner didn’t respond to most of cleveland.com’s questions, offering only a brief statement on pre-existing conditions.”


Congressman Gonzalez: “[Gonzalez] did not comment on the lawsuit or the Trump administration’s decision in a Tuesday statement.”


Congressman Stivers: “Steve Stivers, NRCC chair until recently, won’t comment on DOJ calling for ACA to be struck down, says he hasn’t seen it”