On Tax Day, DNC Launches Site for Billionaires, the Only Americans Who Would Benefit from MAGA Republicans’ Extreme MAGAnomics Tax Scam 

Digital ads to run in key battleground states, targeted to Americans searching for tax services

This Tax Day, the DNC is launching a digital ad buy in key battleground states — Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin — targeted to Google searches for tax day. The ads link to MAGATaxScam.com, a handy website showing how extreme MAGA Republicans’ tax “plan” would give tax breaks for the ultra-wealthy and big corporations while scamming hardworking families. When voters in battleground states search “Tax Day,” they’ll be reminded that the extreme GOP’s MAGAnomics agenda is nothing but a scam. 

The Republican Study Committee, which claims nearly 80% of House Republicans and 100% of their leadership among its members, released its FY2025 budget which is chock-full of plans to rig the economy for the ultra-wealthy, raise taxes on the middle class, all while costing American taxpayers trillions — which has Trump and MAGA extremist groups’ full endorsement.  

“There’s no day like Tax Day to remind voters how Donald Trump and Republicans’ MAGAnomics agenda would gift tax breaks to their ultra-rich cronies and greedy corporations at middle class families’ expense,” said DNC Rapid Response Director Alex Floyd. “While President Biden is lowering costs for hardworking families, Trump and MAGA Republicans’ tax plan is a boon for America’s 1% and a downright scam for everyone else — and voters will reject it once again in November.”