One of The Largest Defrauders of Medicare in History Still Wants to Gut Medicare

Senator Rick Scott who oversaw one of the largest Medicare frauds in our nation’s history and earned his hospital chain a total of $1.7 BILLION in fines is still hellbent on gutting Medicare coverage for seniors. Already, elected Republicans and candidates around the country are voicing support for Senator Scott’s plan to sunset all federal legislation after five years, which could mean the end of key programs that millions of Americans rely on, including Medicare.

Don’t believe this is a problem for Republicans? Just ask the Republicans who are trashing Rick Scott for blowing the door open on their agenda.

Washington Post: “Florida Sen. Rick Scott has been publicly dressed down by Republican leader Mitch McConnell, privately rebuked by his colleagues and repeatedly accused of running the National Republican Senatorial Committee in a way that benefits his own future over the candidates he was hired to get elected.”

Washington Post: “But during the seven weeks of turmoil since Scott dropped a provocative conservative policy bomb on an unsuspecting party — a plan that called for tax increases and expiration dates for all federal laws, including those establishing Social Security and Medicare — he has not once expressed regret. Instead, the former hospital chain CEO and two-term governor, the richest man in the Senate, argues that he owes his detractors nothing.”

Yet that hasn’t stopped Republican candidates across the country from saying middle class families aren’t paying enough in taxes and wanting to put Medicare, Social Security, and Medicaid at risk.

Associated Press: “Mike Gibbons, a leading Republican Senate candidate from Ohio, said at a media event last fall that middle-class Americans don’t pay ‘any kind of a fair share of income taxes.”

The Daily Beast: “At least four GOP candidates in the most important battleground states this fall have either explicitly expressed support for Scott’s plan or have campaigned on the political views that form the foundation of his platform.”