ONE YEAR AGO TODAY: Trump Broke His Promise To Lordstown Workers

Today is the one year anniversary of the General Motors facility in Lordstown, Ohio shutting its doors after Trump promised workers that he’d save their plant and bring their jobs back.

In 2017, Trump promised Lordstown-area workers that he’d save their plant and bring back manufacturing jobs — “Don’t move. Don’t sell your house.”

CNN: “In 2017, Trump went to Youngstown, 15 miles down the road from the Lordstown plant, and promised residents that manufacturing jobs would be returning to the region, telling the crowd: ‘Don’t move. Don’t sell your house.’”

One year ago today, Trump’s promise was broken and the GM Lordstown plant shut down.

CNBC: “After 52 years of cranking out more than 16 million new vehicles, the General Motors assembly plant in Lordstown, Ohio, is shutting down.”

Trump said the GM Lordstown closure “doesn’t really matter” because Ohio would replace the jobs “in two minutes.” But the state lost 12,500 jobs last year, including 6,000 factory jobs.

Trump: “It doesn’t really matter, because Ohio is under my leadership from a national standpoint. Ohio’s going to replace those jobs like in two minutes. But I don’t like that General Motors does that.”

Ohio Department Of Job And Family Services: “From January 2019 to January 2020, nonagricultural wage and salary employment declined 12,500… Manufacturing lost 6,000 jobs in durable goods (-5,200) and nondurable goods (-800).”

Trump’s latest budget proposed eliminating a loan program that could help revive the Lordstown plant.

Bloomberg: “President Donald Trump’s proposed budget would kill a loan program that an electric-truck company is counting on to revive an Ohio factory vacated last year by General Motors Co., which angered Trump. The company, Lordstown Motors Corp., is seeking a $200 million loan from the Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing Loan Program.”

Instead of doing anything to help these workers, Trump blamed a local union leader for the GM job cuts.

Washington Post: “President Trump blamed a small-town union leader Sunday for not doing enough to save a General Motors factory in Lordstown, Ohio, that shuttered on March 6, causing about 5,400 job losses in a struggling part of the country.”

Trump: “Democrat UAW Local 1112 President David Green ought to get his act together and produce. G.M. let our Country down, but other much better car companies are coming into the U.S. in droves. I want action on Lordstown fast. Stop complaining and get the job done!”