One Year Later: MAGA Republicans Repeatedly Side Against Ukraine

On the year anniversary of Russia’s unprovoked invasion into Ukraine, democracy stands in Ukraine, thanks in part to President Biden rallying our allies across the world. But MAGA Republicans, led by Donald Trump and Marjorie Taylor Greene, can’t stop undermining our support for Ukraine, and in turn siding with Putin. 

Last night, on Tucker Carlson, MAGA ringleader Marjorie Taylor Greene doubled down on opposing aiding Ukraine’s stand against Russia. This comes on the heels of multiple legislative efforts by Green, Matt Gaetz, and Lauren Boebert to end aid to Ukraine.

Marjorie Taylor Greene: “Well it doesn’t feel very lonely from my standpoint, Tucker… I’ll be introducing a resolution of inquiry… It’s going to force Congress to give the American people an audit… of Ukraine.”

HuffPost: “Marjorie Taylor Greene, Tucker Carlson Resort To Ugly New Low On Ukraine”

Insider: “A group of House Republicans is calling for an immediate halt of US aid in Ukraine, arguing that such support for the country’s defense in the face of Russia’s invasion is ‘inadvertently contributing to civilian casualties.’”

Just days ago, Donald Trump once again bragged about his closeness to Vladmir Putin, including that he trusted him more than his own intelligence community. This is the same guy who praised Putin even as he launched a brutal attack on Ukraine.

Donald Trump: “I actually had a very good relationship [with Putin]. By the way, that’s a good thing, not a bad thing.”

Washington Post: “‘Genius,’ ‘Savvy’: Trump reacts to Putin’s invasion of Ukraine exactly as you’d expect

Donald Trump: “Putin is now saying, ‘It’s independent,’ a large section of Ukraine. I said, ‘How smart is that?’ And he’s gonna go in and be a peacekeeper … Here’s a guy who’s very savvy.”

Ron DeSantis recently appeared on “Fox & Friends” to undermine our effort in Ukraine and imply desperately needed aid by the Ukrainans is just a “blank check” – while ignoring Russia’s history of threatening and invading its neighbors.

CNN: “DeSantis on Monday criticized American aid to Ukraine as an “open-ended blank check” and questioned whether the United States should be engaged in the Russian conflict at all.”

Michael Scherer, Washington Post: “Ron DeSantis, Feb. 20, on Russian threat to NATO: ‘That has not even come close to happening.’ 

Dmitry Medvedev, Feb 24, on goal of war: ‘to push back the borders that threaten our country as far as possible, even if they are the borders of Poland,’”

At the beginning of the conflict last year, Mike Pompeo praised Putin as “talented,” “savvy,” and a “capable statesman” even as he invaded Ukraine.

Kansas City Star: “Of all the former secretaries of state under Democratic and Republican presidents, only one is taking to cable news and social media during a moment of peril in Europe to praise Russian President Vladimir Putin and chastise the Biden administration. Mike Pompeo has lauded the Russian strongman over the past month as a ‘talented,’ ‘savvy,’ ‘capable statesman,’ offering his praise during a slew of interviews after his political action committee spent $30,000 on improving his performance in media appearances.”