Opposition To The Trump Shutdown Grows

Opposition continues to grow as the Trump Shutdown enters its 19th day. A majority of Americans already oppose the government shutdown, and now Trump is losing support within his own party.


A majority of Americans oppose the Trump Shutdown and a growing number blame Trump for shutting down the government.


Politico: “Nearly two-thirds, 65 percent, say the president shouldn’t shut down the government to achieve his policy goals, while only 22 percent say a temporary shutdown is acceptable to change policy.”


Reuters: “A growing proportion of Americans blame President Donald Trump for a partial government shutdown that will cut off paychecks to federal workers this week, though Republicans mostly support his refusal to approve a budget without taxpayer dollars for the U.S.-Mexico border wall, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll released on Tuesday.”


Trump is losing support for his shutdown within his own party.


ABC News: “Trump losing sway in his own GOP over government shutdown”


ABC News: “As President Donald Trump pushes for his border wall, his wall of Republican support is showing signs of cracking.”


Politico: “Two of the most vulnerable Republicans on the ballot next year, Sens. Cory Gardner of Colorado and Susan Collins of Maine, have already broken with Trump and called for the government to reopen even without an agreement on the border wall.”


The National Governors Association called on Trump to end his shutdown.


The Hill: “The leaders of the National Governors Association on Monday wrote to President Trump and congressional leaders to plead for an end to a partial government shutdown that has now lasted 18 days and counting, saying that it takes a toll on services at the state level.”


The U.S. Chamber of Commerce called on Trump the end his shutdown.


CNN: “The US Chamber of Commerce had a message for Congress on Tuesday: End the shutdown. ‘The shutdown is harming the American people, the business community, and the economy,’ Chamber executive vice president Neil Bradley wrote in a letter to Congress. ‘The adverse consequences of the shutdown are wide and growing.’”