Our Daughters Deserve Better

Donald Trump continues to show why he lacks the temperament and judgement to be president. Trump doubled down on his attacks of former Miss Universe Alicia Machado the day after the debate, years after he publicly humiliated and demeaned her appearance. Trump’s sexist rhetoric and lack of basic decency have been on full display for the last three days.
Just this morning, President Obama said, “You had somebody who basically insulted women, and then doubled down I think this morning in terms of how he talks about them and talks about their weight, talks about how they look instead of the contents of their character and their capabilities, which is not somebody that I want in the Oval Office, that my daughters are listening to, and that sons are listening to.”
Here’s the Buzz on Trump’s downward spiral:

Alicia Machado described the hurtful comments made by Trump.

She spoke about Trump’s demeaning remarks and how they impacted her life.

Machado describes how the comments negatively affected her when she was just 18 years old.

NBC News’ Hallie Jackson said you were seeing Trump “not digging himself out of this hole” with his latest attack on Alicia Machado and the issue was “not going to go away.”

This morning on ABC, GOP analyst Matt Dowd said, “what you don’t do is insult people.”

On Morning Joe, Katty Kay called Trump’s comments “humiliating.”

CBS News’s Nancy Cordes quoted the Arizona Republic’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton as saying that some of Trump’s comments about women are evidence of “deep character flaws.”