Over Health Care, Trump Voters Ask: ‘Is Trump The Wolf in Grandma’s Clothes?’

Donald Trump’s health care bill is extremely unpopular:

A new NBC/WSJ poll released this weekend shows that by a 2-to-1 ratio Americans say Trumpcare is a bad idea instead of a good idea.

Trump voters are beginning to regret their decision to vote for him after learning he will take their coverage away:

Washington Post“’I am hearing about a number of people who will lose their coverage under the new plan,’ Matello said. ‘Is Trump the wolf in grandma's clothes? My husband and I are now saying to each other: ‘Did we really vote for him?’”

Washington PostPresident Trump will hurt his own voters if he refuses to fund Obamacare subsidies that help low-income people afford extra insurance costs beyond just their monthly premiums.”

And across the country, the rest of America sees how disastrous Trumpcare will be for them:

New Hampshire Union Leader“GOP health plan has higher premiums for NH seniors”

Richmond Times-Dispatch: “Trumpcare could lead to cuts in services for elderly, people with disabilities in Virginia

Associated Press“Republicans in some districts faced a backlash at raucous town halls over their votes for the House health care bill. There were plenty of complaints about a provision that would allow insurers to charge seriously ill people higher rates if they let their coverage lapse. Other lawmakers avoided holding forums.”