Over Weekend, Gas Prices Trump Said He Had ‘Tremendous Power Over’ Hit High

This Memorial Day weekend, gas prices hit the highest level since 2014. As Americans continue to feel the impact, they won’t forget that Trump said the president has “tremendous power over” gas prices and that high prices meant Americans needed to vote out the party in power.


Trump previously claimed he would have “tremendous power over” higher gas prices, and said the president should be fired over them.


Newsweek: “The focus on gas prices is part of a larger Democratic effort to get consumers who are shelling out at the pump to associate high prices with Republicans. The Democratic National Committee sent out an email Wednesday pointing out that ‘Trump previously claimed he would have 'tremendous power over' higher gas prices, but he has failed to fix them.’ Gas prices are soaring, they said ‘and have more than offset the extremely limited benefits Republicans claimed the Trump tax gave to working families.’”


National Journal: “The Democratic National Committee is also aggressively pushing a campaign to highlight the spike. A release from the group on Tuesday highlighted some choice tweets from Trump’s Twitter feed. ‘Gas prices are at crazy levels—fire Obama!’ Trump tweeted a few weeks before President Obama’s reelection in 2012..”


MSNBC: “‘Trump previously claimed he would have tremendous power over higher gas prices but he has failed to fix them,’ said Adrienne Watson, a spokesperson for the Democratic National Committee. ‘It was bizarre, but he really did publicly suggest, more than once, that he could help influence gas prices.'”


Now, Trump is contributing to the rise in gas prices, which hit the highest average Memorial Day weekend price since 2014.


Axios: “Americans often blame the sitting president for high pump prices, and this time there is some evidence to back that up. Trump’s announcement earlier this month he would withdraw America from the Iran nuclear deal and re-impose sanctions on that nation’s oil supply is among the geopolitical risks pushing global oil prices higher, which are hovering around $70 a barrel.”


CNN Money: “The national average price per gallon of regular is creeping toward the $3 mark, making it the most expensive for a Memorial Day weekend since 2014, according to the American Automobiles Association.”


Americans across the country continue to feel the impact of high gas prices ahead of November’s midterm elections.


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