Overwhelming Majority Of Americans Support Biden’s COVID Relief Plan

An overwhelming majority of Americans support President Biden’s American Rescue Plan. While Biden follows through on his promises and fights for the American people, we continue to learn more about the extent of Trump’s failed response that worsened the pandemic and made it more difficult for the Biden administration to control.

An overwhelming majority of Americans support President Biden’s coronavirus relief plan—and most support the rest of his agenda.

Yahoo News: “Yahoo News/YouGov poll: More than two-thirds of Americans side with Biden on COVID relief — and most support the rest of his agenda”

Yahoo News: “Of all 20 policies covered by the poll, the two most popular were the ones at the center of Biden’s current COVID proposal: $2,000 relief checks (74 percent favor vs. 13 percent oppose) and increased federal funding for vaccination (69 percent favor vs. 17 percent oppose). A full 58 percent of Americans also support raising the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour, another key element of Biden’s COVID-19 rescue package. That’s almost twice the share of Americans (31 percent) who oppose a wage hike. Nearly identical numbers favor (57 percent) and oppose (32 percent) a national mask mandate.”

Biden’s overall approval rating is higher than Trump’s was at the beginning of his term.

The Hill: “Biden approval rating at start of term surpasses Trump’s 2017 rating by double digits http://hill.cm/x5EWcpy

Biden continues to deliver on his promises and just implemented his federal mask mandate on shared transportation.

New York Times: “A federal order requiring passengers and crew to wear masks on most modes of shared transportation in the United States — including planes, trains, ferries, buses and other public transit — will take effect Monday at 11:59 p.m. Eastern time, as part of the Biden administration’s broader effort to stop the spread of the coronavirus.”

Meanwhile, a new Trump campaign autopsy report shows that Trump’s failed coronavirus response likely cost him the election.

Washington Post: “Former president Donald Trump lost the 2020 election largely due to his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, according to a post-election autopsy completed by Trump campaign pollster Tony Fabrizio. The 27-page document shows that voters in 10 key states rated the pandemic as their top voting issue, and President Biden won higher marks on the topic. The report also indicates that Trump lost ground among key demographic groups he needed.”

Trump’s failures are still piling up. His administration actually lobbied Congress to deny states extra funding for the vaccine rollout.

STAT News: “Top Trump officials actively lobbied Congress to deny state governments any extra funding for the Covid-19 vaccine rollout last fall — despite frantic warnings from state officials that they didn’t have the money they needed to ramp up a massive vaccination operation… The previously unreported lobbying efforts underscore that even after the Trump administration spent billions helping drug makers develop Covid-19 vaccines, it not only dismissed states’ concerns about the help they would need to roll them out, but actively undermined their efforts to press Congress to get the funding they needed.”