Paul Gosar Makes A Clown Out Of Kevin McCarthy

Just days after Paul Gosar tried to distance himself from his recent white nationalist entanglements, he promoted an appearance at yet another white nationalist conference. Gosar – who was originally listed as a special guest – touted the event, which will be held on Hitler’s birthday. You cannot make this stuff up, but the worst part is that McCarthy still plans to elevate Gosar if Republicans take control. 

One thing’s for sure, Kevin McCarthy has fully lost control of his clown show of a caucus and can’t even prevent his members from appearing side by side with white nationalists. 

Washington Post: “Over the weekend, the Arizona Republican shared details for the American Populist Union mixer on his Instagram account, according to the Arizona Mirror, which first reported on the event. But in emails to The Washington Post, Gosar’s office denied that the congressman will be participating.” 

The Hill: “McCarthy: Greene, Gosar could still return to committees despite attending white nationalist event”

Insider: “House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy reaffirmed on Wednesday that GOP Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia and Paul Gosar of Arizona — both of whom recently spoke at a white nationalist conference in Florida — would still be allowed to sit on House committees if Republicans retake the majority. McCarthy previously made the pledge in November, musing at the time that the pair may be given ‘better committee assignments’ than they previously had.”