Pence Gives Rubber Stamp Senator Dean Heller His Approval With A Big PAC Check

In response to Vice President Mike Pence’s PAC, Great America Committee, contributing to Senator Dean Heller’s re-election campaign, DNC spokesperson Vedant Patel released the following statement:


“After selling out Nevada’s working families by supporting the disastrous GOP tax scam and voting ‘yes’ on multiple efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act, the Trump-Pence administration rubber stamp Senator Dean Heller is being rewarded with a highly coveted PAC check from Vice President Mike Pence. Heller, who recently claimed that he and President Trump have a ‘much closer relationship,’ has made it abundantly clear he’s more interested in pleasing the President, Vice President, and Republican Party leadership than standing up for Nevadans. Democrats will continue to hold accountable Trump, Pence, Heller, and any other members of the GOP who have sold out the American people and betrayed working families in order to line the pockets of billionaires and corporations.”