Pence Is An Accomplice To Trump’s Abuse Of Power And His Denials Don’t Pass The Smell Test

It’s clear that Mike Pence is an accomplice to Trump’s gross abuse of power.  Yesterday, we discovered that he was used to send messages to Ukraine about the U.S. withholding critical aid.

Pence’s defense – that he wasn’t aware of Trump’s goal of forcing Ukraine to investigate his political rival – is laughable.  The public had known about Trump and Giuliani’s mission for months, a top Pence aide was on Trump’s now-infamous July 25 call, and Pence was likely given the transcript before he met with the Ukrainian president.

We should all be asking about Pence’s involvement in Trump’s dealings with Ukraine.  Here’s the facts:

January — GIULIANI MEETS WITH UKRAINIAN PROSECUTOR: Rudy Giuliani’s quest to involve a foreign government in swaying the 2020 election in Trump’s favor begins with a meeting with Yuri Lutsenko.

May 9 — THE PUBLIC LEARNS OF GIULIANI’S QUEST: Giuliani’s quest for investigations of Trump’s political rivals in Ukraine becomes public knowledge, and he brags about it time and again.

May 11 — GIULIANI CANCELS UKRAINE TRIP AMID PUBLIC UPROAR: The revelation of Giuliani’s Ukraine project becomes a major national story and he is forced to cancel an upcoming trip to the country.

May 14 — TRUMP INSTRUCTS PENCE NOT TO VISIT UKRAINE: Pence was instructed by Trump not to attend the Ukrainian president’s inauguration because he wanted to see how the president “chose to act in office” before meeting with him.

July 25 — TRUMP PRESSURES UKRAINE’S PRESIDENT AND PENCE KNEW: Trump calls the Ukrainian president to investigate “corruption” involving his political opponent, while pointing out how much the U.S. helps Ukraine. One of Pence’s top advisors was on the call, and Pence likely received a transcript within hours after it ended.

September 1 — PENCE MEETS WITH UKRAINE’S PRESIDENT ABOUT CORRUPTION: Pence traveled to Poland for a World War II memorial ceremony where he told Ukraine’s president that U.S. aid was being withheld while demanding more aggressive action on corruption.

September 18 — PENCE PRAISES UKRAINE’S PRESIDENT AFTER AID SENT: Pence called Ukraine’s president to praise their “fight against corruption” days after the US aid Trump was withholding was sent.

September 23 — PENCE DECRIES TRUMP’S CALL WAS ABOUT “HONESTY IN GOVERNMENT”: Pence went on “Hannity” and decried that Trump’s call with the President of Ukraine was about saying congratulations, urging “reforms,” and “honesty in government.”

September 25 — TRUMP IMPLICATES PENCE: Trump alluded to multiple phone calls between Pence and the Ukrainian president, telling reporters they should ask for details about them.