Pence Refuses to Acknowledge LGBTQ People in White House World HIV/AIDS Day Event for 2nd Straight Year

Pence also lied numerous times about the administration’s track record combating the disease


Today, Mike Pence hosted the White House’s World HIV/AIDS Day event. During the event, Pence failed to acknowledge the LGBTQ community for the second year in a row and lied about the administration’s record combating HIV. Here are some of the lies he told, and some of the truths he forgot to mention:




  1. Pence boasted about the success of the Ryan White HIV/AIDS program, despite the fact the Trump administration diverted funds from the program to offset the costs of its family separation policy.


Poz: “Trump Agency Is Using Federal HIV Funds to Separate Immigrant Families”


  1. Pence celebrated the 15th anniversary of PEPFAR, calling it “one of the most successful investments in health care and humanitarian aid in American history,” while Trump’s budget proposal slashed the initiative’s funding.


Daily Beast: “Trump’s Budget Cut for HIV/AIDS Would Kill 300,000 People Per Year, Report Says”


  1. Pence claimed Trump brought a “renewed energy and focus” to the battle against HIV/AIDS.


I mean, come on. [see below]




  1. Trump fired the remaining members of the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS after several members quit because Trump “doesn’t care” about the issue.


Huffington Post: “Trump Terminated All Members Of HIV/AIDS Council Without Explanation”


  1. Trump still hasn’t appointed anyone to lead the White House Office of National AIDS Policy.


Washington Blade: “Trump needs AIDS wake-up call”


  1. Trump announced the “Deploy or Get Out” rule, which could remove HIV+ military personnel from service.


Newsweek: “How Trump’s ‘Deploy or Get Out’ Policy Could See People With HIV Kicked Out of Military For No Reason”

  1. Pence, while governor of Indiana, opposed a needle exchange program and exacerbated the local HIV/AIDS crisis.


Politico: “How Pence’s slow walk on needle exchange helped propel Indiana’s health crisis”