Perdue Admits Trump Broke His Promise To Grow Farms

Trump promised farmers they would grow and prosper under his leadership, but now his agriculture secretary is leveling with farmers that “this is not the time for growth.”

It’s no wonder Trump “has lost a lot of support” with farmers, who say he “doesn’t understand” them and is “a poor president.”

In 2016, Trump promised that he would protect farmers and “grow the farms.”

Trump: “That means we’re going to negotiate trade deals to protect our farmers, help them export their goods, and make deals to protect our farmers, help them export their goods and make money doing it, because the way it is now it’s impossible. Grow family farming in America, we’re going to grow the farms.”

Now, Secretary Perdue admitted to farmers that “this is not the time for growth.”

Perdue: “So I say hang in there. Obviously use the programs, really watch your spending, and don’t get over-levered during these spans of time. This is not the time for growth. But look at creativity, look at innovation, look at ingenuity, look at direct-to-farm markets.”

Trump broke his promises to farmers. It’s no wonder farmers say Trump “doesn’t understand” them and that he is “a poor president.”

“I really feel like he doesn’t understand what happens out here in these flyover states [in the middle of the country]. He’s walking a very thin line in what is happening in the ag[riculture] sector.” – Illinois farmer

“I don’t see what he’s done at all but did damage to the farmers with China. I don’t like him. He just is a poor president.” – Iowa farmer

“We’re asking President Trump to step up and make it right and get to the deal we were promised.” – Iowa farmer

“My personal perspective is President Trump has lost a lot of support, pretty much everyone I talk to that’s involved in agriculture and the biofuels industry, really lost trust and are really frustrated.” – Iowa corn and soybean farmer

“It’s going to take a long time to work through [these crops]. I would like to see a permanent solution, not a temporary Band-Aid.” – Missouri farmer

“It’s so unnecessary and it’s destroying our livelihood. The tariffs are destroying the markets and they’re destroying them for a long time into the future.” – Oregon apple farmer