Perdue to Sell Trump’s Massive Cuts to SNAP and Critical Agriculture Programs Before Congress

 As Secretary Sonny Perdue prepares to testify before Congress on Trump’s Department of Agriculture budget, here is a look at some of the many devastating cuts this budget makes to critical programs like SNAP that many working families depend on:


Trump’s budget would cut USDA’s budget by $46.54 billion over the next ten years.

Reuters: “U.S. farm groups on Tuesday pushed back against President Donald Trump’s proposal to slash agriculture spending, viewing it as a fresh threat to a struggling farm economy.  The White House on Monday proposed $46.54 billion in cuts to federal government funding for the agriculture sector over the next 10 years, including limits on federal subsidies for crop insurance premiums.”


SNAP would be cut by more than 25% making it harder for some families to put food on the table.

NPR: “The impact of those cuts, however, is dwarfed by proposed restrictions on the SNAP program, which helps the poor buy food. Those changes would cut SNAP spending by $4.6 billion in 2018, increasing to more than $20 billion annually by 2022.”


Trump’s Budget Would Slash Agriculture Safety Net Programs Like Crop Insurance.

Omaha World-Herald: “…and farm industry professionals and trade groups on Tuesday issued stern warnings against President Donald Trump’s proposed 2018 budget that aims to slash by 36 percent a critical ‘safety net’ for U.S. farmers and ranchers.”


Trump Want’s to Gut Funding For Infrastructure and Job Training in Rural Communities.

Bloomberg BNA: “Also eliminated is the Agriculture Department’s $498 million loan and grant program for rural waste water projects and the direct home loan program for single-family housing, which provides financing assistance to low-income rural residents.”