Perez Announces Democratic National Committee Unity Reform Commission Members

WASHINGTON – Today, DNC Chair Tom Perez announced the members appointed to the Democratic Unity Reform Commission.  Created during the 2016 Democratic National Convention, the commission will recommend improvements to insure the presidential nomination process is accessible, transparent, and inclusive.
“At the 2016 convention, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and national delegates agreed that in order to capture the energy of Democrats from across the country it is critical that we enhance the nominating process that continues to embrace the big tent of our party,” said DNC Chair Tom Perez. “This includes everyone, from lifelong Democrats to 18-year-olds who cast their first ballot in 2016. A Democratic Party that gives every Democrat a voice in the process will make enormous gains from the school board to the Senate this cycle and it will take back the White House in 2020. We already see this incredible energy in a number of highly competitive races across the country.”
The Unity Reform Commission will meet over the course of this year, with the first meeting scheduled for May 5-6 in Washington, DC. More details for this meeting and subsequent meetings will be announced in the coming weeks. The Commission must issue its report and recommendations to the DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee no later than January 1, 2018.
The Unity Reform Commission is made up of 21 members selected by Sec. Hillary Clinton, Sen. Bernie Sanders, and DNC Chair Tom Perez. A complete list of the Commission’s members is below.
Jennifer O’Malley Dillon, Chair
District of Columbia
Larry Cohen, Vice Chair
District of Columbia
Charlie Baker
Jan Bauer
Jeff Berman
District of Columbia
Lucy Flores
Congresswoman Marcia Fudge
Maya Harris
New York
David Huynh
Elaine Kamarck
Jane Kleeb
Nomiki Konst
New York
Yvette Lewis
Gus Newport
Jorge Neri
James Roosevelt, Jr.
Emmy Ruiz
Nina Turner
Jeff Weaver
Wellington Webb
Jim Zogby
District of Columbia