Perez on Defeat of Racist Voter ID Law in North Carolina

DNC Chair Tom Perez released the following statement after the Supreme Court refused to reinstate North Carolina ballot restrictions that a lower court said targets African Americans with ‘almost surgical precision’:


“This is a huge victory for voters and a massive blow to Republicans trying to restrict access to the ballot, especially in communities of color. Across the country, the GOP has rammed through laws like this one to make it harder, not easier, for Americans to exercise their constitutional right to vote. Thanks to the persistent efforts of civil rights activists and grassroots organizers, this law was exposed for exactly what it was: just another obvious solution in search of a problem, and a disgraceful attack on African Americans, Latinos, working families, students, first-generation Americans, and the elderly.


“Democrats believe that voting is a fundamental right in America, and that our democracy is stronger when more people participate in our elections, not fewer. That’s why we’re creating a voter protection and empowerment unit at the DNC to stand up and resist the ongoing assault on the right to vote from Trump and the GOP. We can’t trust Trump, Jeff Sessions, or anyone in this administration to protect access to the ballot box. Today, democracy triumphed over discrimination.”