Perez on National Infrastructure Week

“I’m proud to join millions of workers across the country in celebrating National Infrastructure Week. A strong infrastructure spurs economic growth and connects families of all backgrounds to economic opportunity. But today, much of our nation’s infrastructure languishes in disrepair after decades of neglect by policymakers who put the profits of special interests above the needs of their constituents. That neglect has come at immense financial and human costs – from flash floods and power failures to bridge collapses and water contamination.


“Unfortunately, Donald Trump has no interest in fixing any of it. During his campaign, Trump put forth an infrastructure proposal that would leave our economy stuck in traffic, giving massive tax breaks for wealthy private investors while failing to create new jobs or address our nation’s most pressing infrastructure needs. Instead of encouraging critical federal investments to repair our roads and highways, Trump’s privatization plan would spur a boom in the construction of new tolls that empty the pockets of working families to increase the profits of wealthy corporations.


“Democrats believe that infrastructure is an economic and public safety issue – not a piggy bank for private corporations. We need an infrastructure package that benefits all Americans by creating good, middle-class jobs. That’s why we’ve called for major federal investments in order to rebuild the nation’s infrastructure, including roads, rail lines, highways, airports, school modernization, energy and water systems, and broadband in every zip code.


“America needs a rebuild, not another Trump giveaway to Wall Street.”