Perez on Trump’s Executive Order on Outsourcing

DNC chair Tom Perez released the following statement in response to news of President Trump’s executive order encouraging manufacturers to make their products in the USA, despite Trump’s refusal to make products branded with his own name in the USA:
“Like practically everything else he’s ever made, if you flip over Trump’s executive order you’ll probably find a ‘Made in China’ stamp on the back.”
Trump owes China a thank you for the cheap steel, Trump ties and other products that he imported, and millions of dollars in loans from he has yet to pay back.


  • For years, American steelworkers across the country lost their jobs as a result of Chinese steel companies illegally dumping cheap steel into our markets.  But that didn’t stop Donald Trump from buying Chinese steel and aluminum to build his hotels in the United States for cheaper.
    • Newsweek: “Trump opted to purchase his steel and aluminum from Chinese manufacturers rather than United States corporations based in states like Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin.” 
    • New York Times: Trump’s wealth is “tied up in three passive partnerships that owe an additional $2 billion to a string of lenders,” including the state-owned Bank of China and big Wall Street banks.