Perez: Trump puts retirement savings in the hands of Wall Street

WASHINGTON – DNC Chair Tom Perez released a statement responding to the Trump Administration delaying implementation of the fiduciary rule:
“When Donald Trump stood up in front of a bunch of Wall Street CEOs this morning and told them he was ‘going to be doing things that are very good’ for them, he conveniently forgot to tell seniors and Americans saving for retirement that meant he planned to screw them over on the very same day.
“When I served as Labor Secretary, our goal was to help American workers, and that's why we gave retirees and investors the peace of mind that their financial advisors had their best interest at heart. This delay is showing the American people that the only interests Donald Trump cares about are his own and those of his billionaire buddies on Wall Street.
“When I said Donald Trump and his Republican allies don’t give a shit about people, this is exactly what I meant.”